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Outdoor Living – Bring the Outdoors In

Outdoor Living – Bring the Outdoors In

Long gone are the days of the folding chair and a few lawn darts out in the backyard near the charcoal grill. Today’s outdoor living spaces are evolving into extensions of the home with comfortable, but durable furniture, plush seating and decorative accents. If you want to expand your outdoor living space into a retreat you love – here are several ideas for the do it yourselfer.

One project that is trending on Pinterest is garden rooms. These rooms are created by outdoor structures that are built or arranged to feel like an actual room. If you don’t want to construct a space of this type, you can accomplish a similar feeling by adding plants of varying heights to fill the space, or surround a path by different sized plants leading to a destination with a bench or soft seating – something that that feels like a room, without the build.

Another current trend is an outdoor kitchen bar – complete with refrigerator, lighting and a grill. If you want to go high-end, you can build out the area into your existing hardscaping. If you’re on a budget, you can get a similar feel with a moveable bar cart or kitchen cart.

Pergolas are seeing a resurgence in popularity. Wooden pergolas have been around for years, but today’s modern pergolas can include vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass alternatives which are easier to maintain, are stronger and can last longer than traditional wood options.
Raised Garden Beds. These beds make gardening an option even for those with small yard spaces. Whether you plant vegetables or flowers, raised beds can offer architectural interest and beauty to your outdoor space. Raised beds are also an excellent option for pet owners since the beds can be raised high enough to keep Fido’s curious nose and digging paws away from your plants.

Whether wood or gas, homeowners are looking to extend the season of their outdoor living spaces by adding heating options that not only are functional, but beautiful as well. Outdoor fireplaces can be built into hardscaping and include features such as pizza ovens or extensive hearths. They can also be portable with many attractive wood and gas options. And weekend DIYers are in luck – an outdoor wood fire pit space can be created with minimal construction knowledge – just a little hard work and sweat equity.

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