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Organizing 101 – Children’s Bedroom

Organizing 101 – Children’s Bedroom

Keeping your children’s toys, clothes and books under control can seem like a never-ending job. The minute you put them up, they pull them all out again.

If it’s time to start planning a reorganization project for your child’s room, here are some tips to get you started. Sometimes, it’s good to find a time when the the kids are away at camp, or a long weekend with the grandparents. Without the children around, you have a little more freedom to purge and reorganize the toys, books, clothes, and crafts in the room.

Let’s get started with the basics – the books. You can’t have an organized kid’s bedroom, without enough space to store their books. You can go a traditional bookshelf route or try something like adding some headboard storage. Put that large space to work by making a headboard out of a bookcase. Use the space to store not only books but also keeping other décor or stuffed animals handy for bedtime. Add a small lamp or nightlight for cozy comfort.

Small toys, crafts and other low-profile items can be stored easily under the bed and out of the main floor area in flat plastic storage bins. Look for clear ones and label them, so that children know what’s in them and remind them where to put things away when done. Use these to store items that aren’t played with frequently. You can even get them with slides or rollers or add your own anti-scuff adhesive strips.

Wire baskets, buckets and pails are great ways to organize other small items. They can be found at most Dollar Stores, or you could even recycle ones you already have with a fresh coat of spray paint to color coordinate with other room décor.

Kids are prolific artists, so don’t forget a space to display their artwork. Whether it’s a string with clips or a magnetic or cork board, but sure to create an area where they can display a few pieces at a time, and then pack away (or toss).

Finally, a curtain shelf over top of the windows provides unexpected space to display things like sports or other trophies, treasured mementos or other items that aren’t needed often.

Put these quick tips into play and start fresh for an amazing surprise for your little one.

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