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Month: March 2021

Organizing 101 – Children’s Bedroom

Keeping your children’s toys, clothes and books under control can seem like a never-ending job. The minute you put them up, they pull them all out again. If it’s time to start planning a reorganization project for your child’s room, here are some tips to get you started. Sometimes, it’s good to find a time…
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Outdoor Living – Bring the Outdoors In

Long gone are the days of the folding chair and a few lawn darts out in the backyard near the charcoal grill. Today’s outdoor living spaces are evolving into extensions of the home with comfortable, but durable furniture, plush seating and decorative accents. If you want to expand your outdoor living space into a retreat…
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The Reluctant Realtor

reluctant [ ri-luhk-tuhnt ] adjective
unwilling; disinclined: a reluctant candidate.
struggling in opposition.

I’ve always loved everything about the home. Not only my own, but those of friends and family and even folks I don’t know, like celebrities. I’m curious about what makes a person choose a certain type of home and how they fill it with…

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